Egethor series

Welcome to Egethor! I understand that you are not from our world? Yes, I can tell from your accent and your walk. From Earth you say? Well, I hope you find your time here on Egethor to be up to your expectations. Let’s go ahead and enter into the history archives, but don’t touch anything. These documents are getting old, mind you, and I don’t want to have to find a scribe to copy everything. Use moveable type? It would take too long to move all of the metal plates into position for one page. Ah, here’s a table. Let’s get started, shall we?

What is Egethor?

Egethor is both the name of my epic fantasy series and the name of the planet the books are based on. It was created long ago by the four gods. Each worked together to create the breathtaking natural world of great mountain ranges, fertile plains, and vast blue oceans.

Eaethor is a world where gods have fought to the death, a magic realm unknowingly governs all, and great forces of war clash across the kingdoms of men. Nations fight for power, wizards try to keep the peace, peasants appease the gods, vampires scour the forests, and demons train their skills against the resistance towards the god Maluzan.

The Egethor book series follows a group of humans from the southern continent of Egethor on their quests to follow prophecies, learn truths of who they really are, and their part in great battles against the forces who would destroy their liberties. It is a story of witches and wizards, gods and demons, wars and rebellion, and the growth of a medieval society into the pre-industrial age.

The Guardians of Egethor

  • Book One: A Clash of Crimson

The Guardians of Egethor is a planned series. The first book, A Clash of Crimson, is currently being written. This series follows a young woman named Arrellinor (Arrellia to her friends). She is the granddaughter of the Lord President of the Kingdom of Euphinor, employed directly by King Eckard Rhythiel. She grows up without her parents, who had died in an accident shortly after her birth.


History of Egaethor

I will upload my world-building and history of Egethor here from time to time. 


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