Getting excited about this new novel

It’s only day 2 of working on this novel, and I’m already excited for what’s to come.

I’ve written the first 3,500 words, and I’ve explored some very interesting areas that I wouldn’t normally explore in my writing. For one, this is an urban fantasy of sorts. I HATE

Just a quick book cover that I made in Photoshop using my own Mount Rainier star photos and some free image light vectors. It’s just for fun, nothing too serious.

writing about our modern world. I prefer to write epic/high fantasy so that I can create a world from scratch and really introduce readers into my full imagination. So, for me to be excited about writing an urban fantasy is really something.

Second, chapter one jumps right into the action. I always include action in my first chapter, but I usually spend a little time working on setting and showing my characters’ lives beforehand. With this one, the chapter includes the discovery that will launch the plot, just so that readers can get a taste of what they’re in for.

Third, I only made a 1 page outline. I usually outline and world build for much longer, and I think that’s partly why the fun has been sucked out of writing for me. This novel has an end goal, and I have enough notes to drive the story forward, but I’m just going to let myself and write and come up with things as I go.

I’m just trying new things that I’ve never done before, and we’ll see where it goes.

As part of my excitement, I decided to make some graphics for the novel, just to really sell it to myself. They aren’t professional, they’re just something I whipped up in Photoshop using my own star/mountain photos and stuff. If I were to actually sell this novel, I’d spend more time making a cover that fits the story better, but for now it’s all about having fun.


Sudden Writing Inspiration

Here I am, minding my own business by watching movies, listening to good music, and rewatching Sons of Anarchy over my winter break from college, when I feel that urge to write.

Whoa. Stop right there. Write? I never write during winter break. Winter break is for doing nothing productive so that I can rest before doing another three months straight of college.

This was a new writing urge, however. I didn’t want to start working on my Egethor series again, which is the series that I’ve been working on for many years now. I wanted to write something different, some removed from the series and even the epic fantasy genre.

I wanted to try my hand at a novel that fits somewhere in the realm of dark urban fantasy, somewhere in the realm of superheroes, and somewhere in the realm of science fiction. Can these three genres be mixed? I dunno, but that’s what’s happening with this new project of mine.

It’s an old project really, one that I tried to write in 2014 and early 2015 before giving up on it. However, I was hit with a new idea and I ran with it, outlining the beginning of a new novel. When I finished jotting down the idea, I realized that the idea fit perfectly with what I had envisioned for my Eskaden series, but it would take it in a whole new direction. This new direction would fix the problems that I encountered in my original draft, which had caused me to stop writing it. There’s new life in the story, and I’m really excited to see where this goes.

I’m currently 1,700 words in, and I’ve already explored areas that my original draft did not. Let’s just hope that I make it past the original draft’s 18,000 words.

Excerpts from “The Other Half”

I am currently calling my new novel The Other Half. Book titles come very easy to my head, the same with chapter names, but I want something that really fits the storyline and the emotions of the novel, so for once in my life I am actually waiting before officially naming it. Maybe the current title will stay, although I doubt it.

I started writing this novel two weeks ago and I am now at 48 pages. It isn’t the best thing I have ever written, but I hope that it will be by the time I finish it and begin the editing process.

There are parts of the novel that are REALLY rough, such as the second chapter, Embers. Despite the cool chapter name, the content really fails to deliver and I will probably end up rewriting it, except for the last part. Spoiler alert, someone dies. Actually, that’s to be expected since the entire basis of the novel is around mysterious murders and disappearances that are all connected.

I can tell you all that the novel is a dark, urban-fantasy set in middle class suburban USA. The main characters are seniors in high school and there will be a little bit of a twisted romance. Romance, in my opinion, is good in a novel because it shows emotion, but it has to be done right. I’m not a fan of the competing sides for love thing, such as what was displayed in the Twilight saga, so I have made sure that it does not show up in my novel. A little bit of competition is okay, but when you have TEAM EDWARD and TEAM JACOB, or TEAM GALE and TEAM PEETA, we have a problem.

So, to finish off this little writing update and teaser, I will share a few small excerpts from the novel.

She fell to her knees with a thud and wept. It would take her a considerable amount of time to regain her strength and call the police, and when she did the news was quick to spread. Andrew Kayne was dead. – Page 13.

It was already a tense situation, and he didn’t like police to begin with.

“Is it okay if I record this conversation on my phone for accuracy and for the newspaper’s records?” Colton asked.

The detective nodded and sat down at the head of the table. He kept his eyes on Colton as he set up his phone’s audio recording and pressed the red record button. “What can you tell me about your case? Who called it in? What happened?”

“I can’t comment on the specifics of the case at this time,” the detective responded bluntly. “All I can say is that there was a murder and we are doing our best to find out who was responsible.” – Page 20