NBC to cancel ‘Grimm’ in terrible move

When I learned that NBC was to cancel Grimm after its sixth season I’ll admit that I got upset. Yeah, Grimm’s being canceled.

Grimm is one of my favorite shows (and the only one I watch on NBC) and that’s because it was constantly interesting and not afraid to be different from the sameness of the dozens of police and hospital dramas. While still based around police, the show was interesting because of its fantasy elements that combined horror, drama, and comedy.

I was so excited to watch the show when it first aired, intrigued by how different it was. After all of these years it has continued to entertain fans. Beyond that, the show had inspired me to write a supernatural novel. Although I only wrote a few chapters before pushing that project to the side, Grimm played a crucial role in making me see the fantastic elements and the enormous potential of its genre.

To see the show canceled despite good Friday ratings is extremely disappointing. NBC always cancels their best shows. With the passing of Grimm, I will no longer be watching anything on NBC. None of their other shows are even close to being interesting or worth my time.

Consider this my final plea to NBC, a network that I once held in high regard, only to see it continue to make blunder after blunder. Grimm should be renewed for another season or two to adequately wrap up the complex plot and to make everyone happy.


Upcoming TV shows I’m most excited about

It’s time for another fall and winter TV season and the announcements of premiere dates keep coming. I watch TV, but I’ve never been one to watch a lot of TV. I usually have 2-3 shows per year and that’s it. Well, that might change this time around.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

The Walking Dead’s upcoming season looks to be interesting, but I don’t think it will be anything revolutionary. ANYTHING will be better than most of the past season, however.

Grimm (NBC)

Grimm will be on to it’s fifth season, which promises to advance the underlying plot of the whole series by finally revealing what the keys found seasons ago are and, according to the Comic Con panel, will introduce dark themes dealing with addiction and cults.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

On August 23 AMC’s spin-off prequel to the Walking Dead called Fear the Walking Dead will premier, and it looks amazing.

Heroes Reborn (NBC)

Also premiering this year is NBC’s Heroes reboot, called Heroes Reborn, which was one of my favorite shows until it was canceled. That, was a sad day, but I’m happy for it to be back.

The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

And, fast forward to January, I am most excited about the brand new MTV drama called The Shannara Chronicles. I have been reading the Shannara novels by Terry Brooks since I was in 6th grade and I have enjoyed every single one (over 20 novels total). Now that the second book in the series, the Elfstones of Shannara is being brought to life by MTV, I am super excited. MTV has the rights to the entire series and they are very confident that more seasons will be made, which means that the Four Lands will be brought to life.

I was very skeptical at first because film studios always ruin my favorite books and because it is MTV, but after seeing the trailer I am very impressed by the high quality CGI and the budget used on this show. MTV is really giving the series a big screen treatment for the small screen.

Plus Brooks has reviewed all of the rough cuts of the episodes and worked with the cast and production team to bring his world to life and it has his approval. Of course, in that same interview he discussed that it was difficult for him to give his series away. He also hinted that the final sub-series of Shannara is coming soon and that really makes me sad.

What shows are you most excited about?

Brian Williams

As a frequent watcher of NBC News, it is sad to see Nightly News host Brian Williams faced with a six-month non-paid leave from the job because of his comments last week about his time in Iraq in 2003. Immediately after he made his remarks, people accused him of lying, including those he was supposedly on a helicopter with, who said he arrived well after the RPG hit a helicopter.

I found this particular article by PBS very interesting, because it supports Williams’ “trouble” with his memory, if that is the case. I know that I have experienced forms of this and I have seen others experience the exact phenomena that PBS has described.

I really enjoyed Williams as a newscaster, and I hope that he is able to return to this job. I hope that they find that he is not lying, but simply falling victim to forgetfulness.

As a journalist, it is sad to see someone who has built a news-media empire as great as Williams fall to the ground. That us, however, a price that comes with putting too much personal experience and anecdotes into news pieces, especially in television news soundbites. Anecdotes may help to add an emotional reaction from the viewers, but it isn’t always necessary.