The Peacemakers: the opening

I wrote the first few pages of The Peacemakers last night. It will definitely need some editing and restructuring, but its fine for now. Here is the opening scene to the novel. Its pretty rough, but it gives me the right idea of what it should be like when its done.

There was a knock at the door.

“Wake up!”

A voice in the hallway. A female. There was another knock at the door, then the squeak of the door handle.

“Nolan, wake up!”

Nolan opened his eyes, the light from outside his bedroom blinding him momentarily. His girlfriend stood there in her night gown, her hands trembling. “Nolan, wake up. We have to go, now.”

Nolan sat up, rubbing his eyes vigorously. How long had she been trying to wake him? “What’s wrong? Its…” he turned to look at the red digital clock on his nightstand. “It’s three in the goddamn morning.”


An opening scene

For my experimental dystopia novel, The Peacemakers, I am thinking about opening the novel with a grim scene. By that, I mean a scene that shows what someone just entering the world would immediately pick up on: the blood stained streets, the piles of burning bodies, and the deep pits from the bombs.

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Introducing the cast of The Peacemakers

Even though I am using Camp NaNoWriMo to edit my fantasy novel I do plan on writing a bit in my new dystopia project, which is currently titled The Peacemakers. It is my pleasure to introduce the cast of my new novel (so far):

  • Nolan Wiseman
  • Aurora Scott
  • Gage Stone
  • Luke Hood
  • Ellis Poole
  • Emery Fairchild
  • Rhiannon Rose
  • Colby Flanerty
  • Kierah Reams
  • Jason Parrun
  • Olivia Ade
  • Niko Green
  • Vicki Young

Current writing project: a dystopia

I have decided to start experimenting with other genres than epic fantasy. I am going to attempt a dystopian novel or short story based on the nation I had created on a role play forum a while back.

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