We’re Going to Los Angeles!

That’s right! My newspaper is going to California for the Associated Collegiate Press’s MidWinter National College Journalism Convention next month.

What does that mean? It means I’ll get to enjoy L.A. for a few days, further my 21st century journalism skills, meet journalists from across the country, and have the opportunity to showcase our news website in the Best of Show competition.

I’m pretty excited. My idea is to work hard to make sure that the website is the best that it can be and to prepare myself for some vlogging for YouTube. I mean, how can you go to L.A. and not vlog?

It’s still a month out, but I’m that excited.


Creative writing and why I feel dead inside

Hello, hello!

Winter quarter has started at the college and that means I have three new classes: Intro to Computer Information Systems, Creative Writing I, and the Documentary.

Yes, I am taking a creative writing class, and it’s not going as I expected. It’s an online course, which makes it difficult to adjust to. I’ve never taken an online class and in a way having it online is more difficult that going to class every day.

The class is also a lot of work. I’m used to writing fiction when I feel like it, not when I’m ordered to.

So far this week I’ve had to read a chapter from our Writing Poems book and a chapter from our Writing Fiction book. I also had to free write a journal entry every day that was at least a page in length and write 2 short stories based on the assigned subjects.

The course is just difficult. I don’t like writing on demand and I especially don’t like that we have to SHARE our writing with the entire class. I have to share my bad writing that I’ve only had a day to write with the class? No, no, no, no!

I might develop some of the short stories further and share them with you guys, but for right now I’m busy with school.

Snow, snow, go away

It was a frosty morning January 3rd. I woke up rather early (for me) for some reason and headed downstairs for breakfast. Everything seemed like a normal winter day, except that the sky had that funny look. You know, the look where the sky is completely light gray and everything outside is silent. Yes, that.

It didn’t start until after I had showered. Itty bitty little flakes were falling in front of my bedroom window and I would have thought it was just the frost blowing off the roof if it weren’t for the sky.

Soon the snow began to fall and the streets were covered in a quarter inch of white, wet fluff. Not much you say? Well, in Washington that means the roads are covered in black ice.

 I went to Best Buy with my brother and my dad to buy an Elgato game capture card for our YouTube channel and our Twitch channel, and the snow had melted quite a bit in that time. I thought it was over.

YES! I screamed inside. I won’t have to drive in the snow for the first day of winter quarter at the college tomorrow.

I was wrong.

Just after 8 p.m. the snow picked up again, dumping much harder and faster than before. We probably have close to an inch now and it’s still falling as I write this at 10 p.m. The college still hasn’t notified us of anything so school will be in session, and that means driving in the snow and ice tomorrow morning.

Yay me.