Happy New Years Eve and why Dell sucks

Wishing you a Happy New Year

Happy New Years Eve to everyone. I hope you all have fun and don’t party too hard. I’m not old enough to party hard nor does the idea appeal to me, but if that’s your thing go for it.

New Years was always the time when I would drink too much sparkling cider and have an excuse to stay up late. Now I stay up late almost daily and New Years has become more associated with having movie marathons than celebrating.

You see, for me the start of the new year is just another day. I never feel on January 1 than I did on December 31. My goals and ambitions are the same, so it’s really just another day.

Today I plan to watch a Star Wars marathon because my mom has never watched them entirely. She’s seen bits and pieces and if we’re going to see the new movie she needs to be caught up.

Computer Problems: The Saga

Things are going well for the most part. I got my new desktop, a Dell XPS 8900 with the newest i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive. I’ve never owned anything so new, so that’s pretty cool. The PC works just fine and its blazing fast.

However, my laptop is a different story. As some of you know my HP Envy m6 went crazy and stopped working in November. I bought a new Dell Inspirion with an i7 and 16 GB of RAM to replace it but the network card wasn’t working properly. So, I took it back to Costco.

I purchased a new Inspirion with a 17″ display and the same specs and the same problem occurred right out of the box without installing anything. Well, it turns out that Dell Inspirions don’t support high network speeds, which is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. If I’m spending $800 on a laptop I expect it to reach the 170 Mbps speeds I’m supposed to get, not a mere 80 Mbps.

I would take it back again, but Winter Quarter of college starts next week and I need a laptop. It’s basically a required material for my courses. So, I’m looking to see if an external LAN will work because the Inspirion WiFi adapter is on-board and can’t be replaced. If that works I can either keep it or use it until my sister-in-law fixes my HP Envy so that I can use that old laptop and research a good laptop that supports higher speeds. I have 90 days to return it, after-all.

New Years Resolutions

I’ve never been one to make these. It seems silly to wait for January 1 to achieve your goals when it should be a year-round process.

This year I’m making two. The first is to get fit. I know, typical, right? It is, except I’ve already started. I used to work-out a lot, but for some reason I stopped for 13 months. That’s a long time to not be working out. I started again on Monday and I’ve worked out every day from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30-8:00. My body aches and I’m so sore it hurts to get out of bed in the morning, but hey, no pain, no gain.

Plus my brothers will keep my to that goal. They’ve been working out at my house every day for the past two years. If I was to take a day off they’d probably yell at me.

My other resolution is to start publishing videos to YouTube. My younger brother and I plan to start filming next month for our channel Freak Shack Entertainment. I’ve already made the graphics for it and I’m working on ideas for thumbnails and intros. I’m sure it will be fun.


Author: Chase Charaba

Hello there! I'm Chase, an ambitious, aspiring young novelist and YouTuber who hopes to get a novel published one day. I'm also trying to produce the highest quality YouTube videos by constantly learning new ways to film and edit. I've been involved in journalism for 5 years, including 1 year as co-editor of a national award-winning high school newsmagazine and 1 year as the co-editor of an award-winning college newspaper. I write mainly epic/high fantasy, but I also mess around with science fiction, horror, and realistic fiction.

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