Prom recap: a night in Seattle

Senior Ball was this past Saturday and boy do I have a lot to share.

I went to prom with my girlfriend, Bryanna, who is the perfect date and just such a great person. If she hadn’t been with me I would have left early, but we will get to that story. I asked Bryanna to prom back in April while I was in Denver with her and a bunch of my fellow journalism nerds for the National High School Journalism Conference. The unsuspecting Bryanna, who actually had a crush on me too apparently, was surprised with a Hallmark card and a stuffed cat, which we named Lucipurr. Not five minutes later we were not only going to prom together, but we were official boyfriend and girlfriend.

So, on Saturday she was dropped off at my house, where we took a few photos with the flowers, and then we loaded into my parent’s Suburban and we headed off to Seattle. Traffic was actually very light and we got there about an hour and a half later and paid for parking right across the street from Lake Union.

We took a few more photos at the South Lake Union parks and then headed off to dinner at an Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo with our prom group. After a nice meal and a bad service we went to the Seattle Center and entered the magic land of prom 2k15 at the Pacific Science Center.

Bryanna and I in Seattle for the 2015 Senior Ball.
Bryanna and I in Seattle for the 2015 Senior Ball.

Did I say magic? Yeah, there wasn’t any of that. But there were butterflies and snakes and naked mole-rats.

Prom itself was extremely boring and not worth our time, but we found a way to make it work. Neither of us really wanted to dance, especially with the terrible rap music and modern dance electronica. Instead, we walked around and sat in the planetarium with Pepper, the real cool woman who worked there and told us about constellations and the future and about the Fremont bridge.

We also watched a liquid nitrogen show at 9:15 p.m., which is a story for another time and a bit ridiculous.

We ended the night with a slow dance, watching someone get carried away by ambulance, and holding hands as we walked through Seattle Center with the Space Needle just feet away, twinkling in the night. It seemed romantic at the time, although we did have to steer away from some drunk people. Seattle, what can I say?


Author: Chase Charaba

Hello there! I'm Chase, an ambitious, aspiring young novelist and YouTuber who hopes to get a novel published one day. I'm also trying to produce the highest quality YouTube videos by constantly learning new ways to film and edit. I've been involved in journalism for 5 years, including 1 year as co-editor of a national award-winning high school newsmagazine and 1 year as the co-editor of an award-winning college newspaper. I write mainly epic/high fantasy, but I also mess around with science fiction, horror, and realistic fiction.

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