Paladins: a novella that never happened

Last year I came up with an idea for a novella called Paladins. The story would have connected horror, urban fantasy, and a generic superhero story line together into a new beast. I was excited about starting it, but I never did. This was as far as I had gotten. I did have an entire chapter finished in another version of the novella, but it took a really awful turn and I would rather forget that it ever existed. 

Chapter one

The alarm clock beeped as I was drawn out of a nightmarish sleep. I felt as though my mind had been pulled from the depth of the deepest, blackest ocean. The dreams were there, but I couldn’t quite remember what they were about. I only saw darkness. I reached up from the warm sheets and into the frigid air to slide the alarm off.

5:40 A.M. Too early to be waking up every morning. I roll over and find that Tao was gone, a small crescent shape left behind from where he had been lying not too long before.

What to do now?

Well, I might still write it as a short story on this blog during the summer as a weekly or biweekly segment. Who knows. I never get rid of anything I write just in case I want to do something with it in the future.

Do you have any stories or novels like this that are just sitting neglected in your closet or on your hard-drive?


Author: Chase Charaba

Hello there! I'm Chase, an ambitious, aspiring young novelist and YouTuber who hopes to get a novel published one day. I'm also trying to produce the highest quality YouTube videos by constantly learning new ways to film and edit. I've been involved in journalism for 5 years, including 1 year as co-editor of a national award-winning high school newsmagazine and 1 year as the co-editor of an award-winning college newspaper. I write mainly epic/high fantasy, but I also mess around with science fiction, horror, and realistic fiction.

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