My first year of blogging

I started this blog in November of 2013, after I had won National Novel Writing Month. I wanted to make connections with people who, like me, were trying to write a novel.

I got around to posting my first ever blog post in January, and everything seemed to be going very well for me. I received 46 views and 13 visitors that month, which motivated me to keep writing. I stopped posting as frequently as I would have hoped, and by May I was down to only 6 views that month. I had no motivation to write anything after my last post in April, which ultimately led to the downhill slide where I stopped getting views in June. That’s right. I had 0 views in June.

I decided to retire my blog. I am very self concious about my writing to begin with, so why post on it anyway? Well, something made me return to WordPress in July, and that’s when I noticed that my writing was improving.

In July I had 42 views, which made it my second best month up to that point, after January. I started posting just about every other day at the latter end of the month, which led to an even more successful August.

I let my blog slip again in September, only posting once. October and November, however, saw a massive number of readers visiting this blog, and I was motivated once again. I learned that I shouldn’t give up. Had I stopped entirely in April, I would have missed out on all of the flash fiction that I wrote during the summer, and perhaps all of the knowledge I have gained by reading the posts of my fellow writers.

To sum up my first year in blogging, I am going to share some statistics:

Total 2014 views: 432

Total 2014 visitors: 280

Total 2014 likes: 137

Posts published: 50 (this makes 51, and I might have a 52)

Most viewed post: Best Songs of 2014

Most successful month: November with 82 views

Least successful month: June with 0 views

Most successful week: Week of October 13th with 42 views.

There hasn’t been a week with 0 views since July 7th. 

I want to thank all of you for reading my blog. I look forward to going to new places in 2015.


I haven’t forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about you, my dear readers. I’ve been busy with school work and now the holidays. I do, however, have some short stories and flash fiction in progress, but they aren’t quite ready for publishing yet.

I started writing these pieces of fiction because I have a very severe case of writer’s block in my novel. By severe, I mean that I’ve only written a paragraph in it since November, and deleted all of my other attempts. Even though I’m stumped, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. At 116,000 words, its the longest thing, of any kind, that I’ve written.

One of the new flash fiction pieces is called “Serenity” and another is called “Wishing Well.” The former is the closest to being done, because I have actually written a draft of it. I had every intention of publishing it immediately, but I don’t like how it turned out. My revisions are very drastic, but I am liking where it is heading.

I hope everything is going well in your lives. I want to wish you all a happy holiday(s) and I’ll see you all right back here real soon!

Best songs of 2014

I know, 2014 isn’t over yet, but the remaining albums slated to be released are not my type. 2014 proved to be a good year for rock music in terms of the quality of the songs, but their sales have tanked. Even AC/DC, the worlds biggest and best rock band, has struggled to sell more than 200,000 in their debut week, compared to the nearly 800,000 in 2008.

Here is my list of the best 20 songs of 2014. I know that some bands are on here multiple times, but most of the music these days is just the same formulaic garbage. These songs have shined through the yuck and gunk and perhaps hold some promise for a future of music without autotune and terrible lyrics.

20. “Take Out the Gunman” – Chevelle

19. “World on Fire” – Slash ft. Myles Kennedy

18. “Midnight Oil” – California Breed

17. “Time For Me to Stop” – Fuel

16. “Crossfire” – Judas Priest

15. “Puppet Strings” – Fuel

Sorry for the badly recorded live version.

14. “Rock or Bust” – AC/DC

13. “Give Me a Love” – Sixx A.M.

12. “Something for Nothing” – Foo Fighters

11. “Sweet Tea” – California Breed

10. “Let’s Go” – Sixx A.M.

09. “Miss Adventure” – AC/DC

If this video stops working, its because YouTube took it down for copyright.

08. “Chemical Rain” – California Breed

Sorry for the bad recording. Its the only one on YouTube.

07. “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World” – Steel Panther

06. “F****ing My Heart in the A**” – Steel Panther

Explicit lyrics.

05. “Beginning of the End” – Judas Priest

04. “Sweet Candy” – AC/DC

If this video stops working, YouTube removed it for copyright.

03. “Pussywhipped” – Steel Panther

Explicit lyrics.

02. “Baptism By Fire” – AC/DC

If this video stops working, YouTube removed it for copyright.

01. “Halls of Valhalla” – Judas Priest

4:20 to 4:39 is pure epicness. It just shows the abilities of Rob Halford at his age. When he did it live in Tacoma he did it perfectly and I was amazed.

Useless favorites list

Happy December. Why not have a little fun with a list of answers to random favorites questions?

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite color: black

Favorite type of music: Rock/Metal

Favorite band: AC/DC

Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks

Favorite cologne: Obsession by Calvin Klein

Favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – Extended and Uncut (BluRay)

Favorite concert I’ve been to: Aerosmith

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite day of the week: Friday

Favorite US president: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Favorite hobby: Writing

Favorite computer game: Skyrim

Favorite card game: Apples to Apples

Favorite college: University of Washington

Favorite search engine: Bing

Favorite cell phone company: Verizon

Favorite candy: Kit-Kat…or Heath bar…or Almond Roca…or Almond Joy…

Favorite drink at Starbucks: Venti Chai Latte

Favorite car model: Chevy Camaro

Favorite gum: Dentyne Ice in the black package

Favorite author: David Eddings

Favorite singer: Steven Tyler

Favorite teacher: Mr. Smyth

Favorite show currently on TV: Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Second favorite show currently on TV: Grimm (NBC)

Favorite character in my novel: Austrevur (a wizard)

Favorite social media site: Instagram

Favorite award I’ve received: JEA Honorable Mention in News Writing, which means I’m within the top 33% of US high school journalists.