Gramophone records

There’s something about pulling the large, black vinyl records out of their sleeves that gets me every time. I place the large disc onto its spot in my turntable and manually move the needle to the start of the record. I push down lightly on the lever, watching the needle slowly make contact with the spinning disc and music begins to play from my large Sony stereo system.

Even at just 17 years old, I love the sound of vinyl records. There is nothing wrong with playing music from a CD, or through my 160GB iPod Classic, which by the way is nearly full. I use my iPod all the time, like I am now. But there is something about the genuine sound of vinyl records that seems superior, even more pleasant to listen to.

I only own three records: AC/DC’s ’74 Jailbreak, Def Leppard’s On Through the Night, and Cinderella’s Long Cold Winter. I admit to having all of these in their respective CD forms, but when I saw them at a local antique store I had to have them. Just over a week later I found myself at Target, purchasing my first turntable. What’s special about it, is that it can burn the vinyl records into digital MP3 files on my laptop.

All that I need, more records. Good thing my neighborhood’s twice-annual community garage sale is this weekend. Maybe someone will have a few crates of records I can look through, and at a good price as well. Then, I may hit up 6th Street Records in Tacoma to see what they have. My brother has always said that their deals are the best in the area.

Until next time, listen to some good tunes.