The Lost Souls: Part 1:Initiation

Here is a little something that I recently wrote. Science Fiction is not my usual genre, so this is a bit experimental. Enjoy!


It’s time to start again. It’s time to breathe in the air that has been long forgotten, much like the past. He knew it was time. The internal mechanisms of his mind had been calibrated to recognize the thaw command since birth. His mind was soaring over the glittering cerulean oceans of Earth, through the steel and glass towers along the sandy coasts, and the dense leafy forests along the edges of mountains. The images were of a dream, but also a memory. He had never visited the blue planet before, but someone else in his mind had. Someone he couldn’t remember. It was a dream he had grown familiar with, even comfortable. His memory was slowly flooding back: his identity, his mission, his personality.

Leviath. That was his name. He began to sense reality again, his eyes flickering open to the blinding glow outside. Vapor swirled around him, condensing on the thick glass wall before him. He threw his numb hands on the glass, acting on an instinct mankind had always known—trying to escape from the cage. The cryo-tube was just large enough to house his body.

He began to bang at the glass, but his body was too weak. A voice came through the tube’s speakers, although it sounded electronic. It was a woman’s, and very monotone.

“Thawing complete. Starting welcome initiation.”

Leviath began to remember where he was. He was on board a space cruiser or part of it at least. His team had been sent on a mission to scout out a nearby galaxy, or at least his ancestors. He had been born during the return trip, just after they were attacked by an alien race. There had been much bloodshed and communication with Earth had ceased. The slip space engines had been disabled and the ship torn apart. He had entered into cryo-sleep when he reached 30 years of age. How long he had been frozen was unknown to him.

He was wearing a helmet with a visor, which came to life with monitors and controls as the voice spoke again.

“Welcome committee complete. Initiation complete. Preparing for extraction.”

The glass lid began to squeak open and the hiss of gas release hurt his eyes. His skin ached like hell, but he found the urge to life himself up and out of the living casket.

He entered into a bright room, three levels of cryo tubes strapped to the pale walls. The black metallic floor clanked as his combat boots made contact. An observatory box hung partially suspended above him, although he couldn’t see anyone through the tints. The room was empty of life, the only audible noise being the hum of machines and the beeping of computers.

Someone should be here, he thought. I wasn’t alone when I went to sleep.

He stretched a bit, his muscles stinging as he reviewed his cryo status on a nearby data display.

  • CRYO BAY 5

23 years! He thought, how can anyone possibly stay alive for that long in frozen sleep?

But one detail startled him. He was manually thawed. It wasn’t like his crew not to send welcoming party. He began to head for the automatic door, which’s sensors were already glowing blue for unlocked. That’s when he heard the rattling.

The first thumps and rattles clanged against the door outside. It was like claws scratching against the metal and the pounding of the wall. Leviath’s heart pounded quickly as he raced for the keypad, punching in a command that locked the door. A titanium blast shield slammed into place as he backed away.

Clearly not the welcoming committee, he thought.

He made his way to the back of the room and peeled the metal blinds open to peer out the window. He knew what he saw from his dreams.

A planet with blue oceans and white whisks of clouds spread out below the ship. Green land masses bordered the seas like a multi-colored marble, but it differed slightly from his dreams. A great column of gray clouded a good portion of the globe, the red glow of fires visible at its base. Glittering objects floated in the planet’s orbit, space junk, and lots of it.

He had little time to consider what was happening. Heavy thuds slammed against the blast door. It began to bend and glow orange like the embers of a fire as the titanium melted. He heard the scattering of clawed feet and the thumps of heavy boots. A bright light blinded him and he felt something slam against him. His knees gave way as he collapsed to the ground. His vision faded in and out as he felt a swipe to the face, his helmet breaking off from his head like glass. Then he felt a punch. He could taste his blood as it drained into his mouth, filling in the spaces between his teeth.

He could see a blurred movement in front of him as he tried to crawl across the plated flooring. A foot pinned him to the ground. He planted his face into the metal, hoping it would end soon. A clawed hand gripped into his head and pulled his face up to view his captors.

A man dressed in dark armor and a slightly tinted visor smiled. He was surrounded by a group of bear-like creatures who gripped some sort of gun, which pulsed with an orange glow. As if they, too, were living.

“Welcome to Earth,” the man greeted him. He bent down and offered his gloved hand. Leviath took it, but felt the cool barrel of a gun at his bloodied head.

“I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Please,” Leviath managed. “Don’t kill me.”

“No?” The man questioned him. His finger was on the trigger, squirming as if trying to intimidate Leviath. A shot rang out and a flash of orange momentarily lit up the room. It was followed by another shot, brain matter splattering the walls and floors. The man felt satisfied.


Author: Chase Charaba

Hello there! I'm Chase, an ambitious, aspiring young novelist and YouTuber who hopes to get a novel published one day. I'm also trying to produce the highest quality YouTube videos by constantly learning new ways to film and edit. I've been involved in journalism for 5 years, including 1 year as co-editor of a national award-winning high school newsmagazine and 1 year as the co-editor of an award-winning college newspaper. I write mainly epic/high fantasy, but I also mess around with science fiction, horror, and realistic fiction.

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